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Concrete construction is the art of constructing buildings from the aggregated concrete slabs. This is the backbone of modern constructional industry as it provides durable solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Concrete is primarily a fine and coarse aggregate combination bonded together with a binder fluid that contracts over time. There are three types of concrete available in the market: polyethylene (also known as PVC), concrete and lava.

Polyethylene is a versatile product manufactured from many plastic polymers derived from crude oil. It is mixed with cement and water to form a thick liquid and is used as a buoyant, flexible structural material. PVC concrete is used as a waterproofing layer as it combines compression strength with durability and fire resistance. Concrete and lava mixes can be used for both internal and external application. Concrete construction in Auburn, Washington is known to be more economical and faster to install than many other concrete products.

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A concrete construction material may be mixed with various building materials such as brick, stone, asphalt, glass, timber and paper to produce the final structure. The mix of the individual building materials to determine the strength and flexibility of the structure. This flexibility is necessary as the concrete mixture is mixed to build the structural member in a way that the final structure will support loads. As a result, concrete is used for interior and exterior walls, facades, walkways, driveways, bridges and columns.

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