Driveway Repair

A driveway repair generally involves grinding up the top of the current concrete and then adding another top concrete layer. Driveway repair is an ideal way to address small cracks, persistent stains, and even small holes. A driveway repair is essentially the complete removal of your existing driveway and then replacing it with a brand new one.

Concrete driveway repair in Auburn, Washington typically consists of two steps: the first step is called crack, filling, and the second is called epoxy injection. Crack filling involves closing up any small cracks that you might find using a heavy duty pry bar; this will keep water out of the crack even after it’s completely filled. After the crack is closed, your epoxy will be injected into the open space; this epoxy will cure in a couple of days, while the concrete will set overnight. Once the concrete has set, your repair is complete. Epoxy is commonly used as a sealant, since it’s easier to apply than some others.

Advantages of Driveway Repair

Concrete Driveway Repair does have some advantages over other methods, such as the replacement of your driveway. If you only have small cracks, or if the damage isn’t too extensive, it’s possible that a simple patching job might be enough to fix your problem; in this case, all you need are some patching tools, a concrete knife, some filler material, and a rubber mallet. On the other hand, if you’ve got a larger crack or several large ones, it’s very likely that you’ll need to hire a professional. If you have the money though, it might be worth going for the full professional service just to make sure that your driveway repair is done right the first time.

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